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These are some of the most attractive in the Senese Valdichiana, situated a few kilometres from Chianciano in a panoramic location. The structure , traditionally Senese in style and made of the local sandstone, has four separate levels.

In the loft are a Reception rooms for close friends and clients, and also a traditional VINSANTAIA, where the typical Tuscan VINSANTO is aged in prized oaken barrels.

The administrative offices and a spacious tasting / sales room for clients are on the floor below, at ground level. Close by are a packing plant and storage for finished products. The grapes are crushed and the wine is bottled in the basement. This is where the classical Tuscan vintner's tradition meets with modern wine-making techniques, with optimum results.

The Gavioli policy is both to make traditional wines and to invent new, high quality ones, using modern systems and techniques. The lowest floor is said to have been adapted from an Etruscan tomb of the 6th century B.C., which had been carved in the tufa rock. Subsequently abandoned, it was widened in later centuries by previous owners. This " temple " is dedicated to Gavioli's prime product, the METHODE CHAMPENOIS Brut Sparkling Wine.

The precious bottles of Gavioli Brut are expertly stacked and the wine undergoes the fermentation process in total silence. Every two months the stacks are taken apart and rebuilt as each bottle is given the classical coups the poignet, the " blows of the wrist". After 48 months the bottles are placed on their racks where they receive the usual remuage, the rotation, before they are tipped to collect the sediment on the inner surface of the cork. The dégorgement blows out the sediment and the bottles are finally corked and wired.

This " sacred " place is perfect for the aging of the Méthode Champenoise Grand Sparkling Wine; it is totally dark, perfectly silent, at a naturally constant temperature that ranges between 11° and 13° C ( 52° - 56° F).

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Loc. Poggio Olivo 120 - 53043 Chiusi (SI)
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